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NomsLienPhotosAltitude mCantonVisitable?PublicConstructionDonjonSous contrôle en 1400Guerres de
AigleLien436 VaudOui (Commune)12e siècleCarréSavoie19.02.2017Musée du vin et de la vigne
Anniviers (Tour)Lien1208 ValaisOui (Commune)13e siècleCarréHauts-Valaisans26.05.2018
Ancien EvêchéAncien évêché510 VaudOui11e qu 15e siècleCarréEvêque de Lausanne21.07.2018Musée Historique de Lausanne.
Possède peu d'éléments d'origine.
AvenchesLien478 VaudOui (Commune)1175CarréEvêque de Lausanne11.03.2018
BlonayLien646 VaudNon1184CarréVassal de la Savoie19.03.2017Habitation
BulleLien769 FribourgOui (Canton)1301CirculaireEvêque de Lausanne20.11.2016Administration du district
BoudryLien477 NeuchâtelOui (Canton)13e siècleCirculaireComtes de Neuchâtel?24.03.2018
ChampventLien502 VaudNonDébut du 13eCirculaireAlliés de la Bourgogne21.01.2018Privé
Châtel-St-DenisLien844 FribourgOui (Canton)13e siècleCarréSavoie11.03.2017Administration du district
Lien3333333333502 VaudNon13e siècleCarré?24.12.2016Habitation
Lien456 FribourgOui (Canton)1392CirculaireSavoie21.01.2018Administration du district
Partiellement en brique
Lien374 VaudOui (Canton)11e et 12e siècles
Amélioré au 13e et 14e siècles
CarréSavoie (Baillage)07.04.2016Expositions temporaires
ColombierLien531 NeuchâtelOui12e siècleCarréSeigneurs de Colombiers alliés à Neuchâtel24.03.2018
(St Saphorin)
Lien378 VaudNonDonjon en 1150
Château au début du 14e siècle.
CirculaireEvêque de Lausanne ?28.01.2018Possède peu d'éléments d'origine.
GorgierLien524 NeuchâtelNonFin du 12e siècleCarréSeigneurs d'Estavayer alliés des Comtes de Neuchâtel24.03.2018Pas accessible car privé.
Lien565 ValaisBourgeoisie de SierreFin du 12e siècleCarréHauts-ValaisansHors Conflit17.03.2018Accès autour impossible car privé
Gourze (Tour)Lien923 VaudOui CommuneAvant 13e siècleCarréEvêque de Lausanne15.04.2018
GrandsonLien449 VaudAssociationAvant 1100
Agrandit au 13e et 14e siècle
CirculaireSavoie05.02.2017Expo anciennes voitures
GruyèreLien832 FribourgOui11e siècleCirculaireComte de Gruyère vassal de la Savoie09.04.2016Musée Giger
La Bâtiaz
Lien539 ValaisAssociation13e siècleCirculaireSavoie11.06.2017Engins de Siège
La SarrazLien504 VaudFondation11 au 13e siècleCarréVassal de la Savoie10.09.2017Musée du Cheval
Les CléesLien625 VaudPrivéSavoieCarréSavoie (Châtellerie)24.02.2018
LucensLien551 VaudPrivé13e siècleCirculaireEvêque de Lausanne24.02.2018
Lien529 Valais?Début 13e siècleCarréEvêque de Sion13.02.2018Musée des Beaux-Arts
MoratLien458 FribourgOui (Canton)1180CarréSavoie16.04.2017Administration du district
MorgesLien374 VaudOui (Canton)Fin du 13e siècleCirculaireSavoie (Châtellerie)29.04.2017Musées militaires
Parties hautes en brique
MôtiersLien840 NeuchâtelNon1344CirculaireComtes de NeuchâtelHors Conflit24.06.2018Montres Bovet
NyonLien400 VaudOui (Commune)13e siècleCarréSavoie14.02.2018Musée Historique et de la Porcelaine
OgozLien685 FribourgOui (Commune)13e siècleCarréSeigneurs Locaux21.06.2017Ruines visitables
OrbeLien485 Vaud?13e siècleCirculaireSeigneurie des Chalon alliée à la Bourgogne24.02.2018
OronLien717 VaudAssociation12e siècleCirculaireVassal de la Savoie16.04.2016Ancienne Bibliothèque
RolleLien377 VaudOui (Commune)vers 1290CirculaireSavoie05.06.2017
RomontLien782 FribourgOui (Canton)1240CirculaireSavoie (Châtellerie)22.10.2016Administration du district
SaillonLien552 ValaisOui (Commune)11e siècle, amélioré au 13e, détruit en 1475.CirculaireSavoie (Châtellerie)02.04.2017Ruines visitables
SaxonLien656 ValaisOui (Commune)13e siècle
détruit en 1475
CirculaireSavoie (Châtellerie)08.02.2018Ruines visitables
St-BarthélémyLien615 Vaud?12e siècleCarréVassal de la Savoie ??11.04.2018
Lien533 VaudOui (Canton)1396CarréEvêque de Lausanne02.01.2018Parties hautes en brique
St-Martin du Chêne
Lien619 VaudOui (Canton)?Fin du 11e siècleCarré
Seigneurs vassaux de la Savoie?28.04.2018Ruines visitables
Détruit en 1536 par les Bernois
St-MauriceLien417 ValaisFondation (Commune et Canton)15e siècleCarréSavoie17.09.2016Exposition dessin et bande dessinée
St-TriphonLien477 Vaud?12e siècleCarréVassal de la Savoie08.02.2018Ruine
Tour non visitable
Tour-de-PeilzLien380 VaudOui (Commune)13e siècleCirculaireSavoie (Châtellerie)19.03.2017Ruines visitables
Musée du jeu
Lien657 Valais?Fin du 13e siècleCarréEvêque de Sion13.02.2018Fermé en hiver
ValanginLien665 NeuchâtelSociété12e siècleCarréSires de ValanginHors Conflit13.05.2017
Lien608 Valais?12e et 13e siècle-Evêque de Sion13.02.2018
VaulruzLien843 FribourgOui (Commune)13e siècleCarréSavoie10.06.2017
VaumarcusLien481 NeuchâtelNonCarréNeuchâtel24.03.2018
Lien544 ValaisNon1490CarréHauts-ValaisansHors Conflit17.03.2018
VufflensLien473 VaudNon1415-1430Carré? ?28.01.2018Complètement fait en brique
YverdonLien433 VaudOui (Commune)13e siècle
Construction finie vers 1265
CirculaireSavoie (Châtellerie)05.02.2017Musée d'Yverdon et région
NeuchâtelA venir
Tour de la MolièreA venir


Castle not possible to visit.
Castle possible to visit but no longer in its original state.
Castle in a good state of conservation. To visit in priority.
Dameged during the wars of Burgundy
Spared during the wars of Bur

The castles:

Switzerland, and in particular what corresponded to the Savoyard region of Vaud, that is to say the present Canton of Vaud, as well as part of the Veyeyse, the Fribourgian Glâne (Rue, Romont), Estavayer and Morat, Has a high density of castles. The castles can be in different conservation states, they can be categorized in the following way:


→ Castles of significant size, visited, and kept in their original state:

Chillon, Grandson, Gruyère, Oron, Valangin.

→ Castles of large size, possible to visit but reused as museums:

Yverdon, Morges, Romont, St-Maurice, Aigle.

→ Private castles not possible to visit:

Blonay, Châtelard.

→ Castles properties of a canton but not possible to visit:

Bulle, Châtel-St-Denis, Morat, Rolle.

→ Castles in ruins with dungeon open to visit:

Saillon, La Tour-de-Peilz, Ogoz.


It should be noted that the canton of Fribourg does not allow the visit of many beautiful castles like those of Bulle and Romont by making its own administration building…. An exhaustive list of all Swiss castles is available on the website SwissCastle. At the bottom of this website, a magnificent interactive map allows you to locate all the castles.


Burgundi Wars:


The wars of Burgundy marked the history of Switzerland and affected a great number of castles of the Pays de Vaud which were damaged and looted very often without combat. They lasted from 1474 to 1477 and opposed the army of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, to the canton of Berne strengthened by the other 7 cantons of Switzerland of the time. The Swiss cantons in 1474 formed the Confederation of the VIII Cantons and included those of Zurich (1351), Bern (1353), Lucerne (1332), Zug (1352), Glaris (1352) and the founding cantons of 1291 That is to say Schwitz, Obwalden and Nidwalden. With the exception of the Canton of Berne, the other Cantons have a territory which has not evolved to the present day. Charles the Bold is at the head of heterogeneous territorial possessions called Burgundian states are extended from Macon in France to the North Sea and corresponding approximately to the current countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, French departments of Lorraine, Franche-Comté and part of Burgundy.

Two memorable battles took place in Switzerland, one near Grandson and the other in Morat, which resulted in a Swiss victory due to strategic mistakes by Charles The Bold, whose army mainly composed of Lombards is nevertheless equipped with A powerful and modern cavalry and artillery for the time. The Swiss rely on their soldiers equipped with 5 m long pikes or halberds that advance towards the enemy like a hedgehog and are particularly effective against the charges of cavalry. Another battle in the wars of Burgundy with more local considerations took place in 1475 at La Planta in Sion and opposed Savoy alone to the Bishop of Sion reinforced by the High Valaisans and the Swiss Confederates. This battle resulted in the defeat of Savoy and a territorial retreat for the latter until Saint-Maurice.

It was during the years 1474 to 1477 that a large number of castles in the Pays de Vaud were looted by the Bernese who made incursions into the territory and were known to have no mercy. After the wars of Burgundy, the territory of the Pays de Vaud was restored to the Savoy, former ally of the Duke of Burgundy, with the exception of Aigle and Cerlier ceded to the Bernese while the towns of Echallens, Orbe, Grandson and Murten Are jointly run by Berne and Fribourg. The retrocession of the Pays de Vaud satisfies the other cantons of Switzerland, which do not look favorably on a canton of Berne too powerful.

The end of the wars of Burgundy has consequences for Central Europe and Switzerland. The Duchy of Burgundy disappeared with the death of Charles the Bold after 600 years of existence. The Swiss, at the height of their military glory, and in particular the Canton of Berne, are reinforced by these victories which announce the conquest of the Pays de Vaud from 1536 to the end of the 18th century. Fribourg, stuck between Berne and Savoy, plays an ambiguous role because it establishes alliances with these two powers before the wars of Burgundy and participates in the battle of Morat with the Bernese side. It finally joined the Swiss Confederation as a canton in 1481. Savoy was deprived of many towns of the Pays de Vaud and no longer has the means to ensure its sovereignty over what remains of territory. The Pays de Vaud is devastated by looting and suffering famine as well as severe bleeding at the level of the population decreased by 2/3.

Tomb of Charles the Bold in Bruges erected by his grandson Philip the Beautiful in 1562. Pictures Flickr Dimitris Kamaras.

A very good article traces the wars of Burgundy.

The Golden Age of the Castles

The golden age of the castles is in the 12th and 13th century and then declined rapidly as early as the 14th century with the evolution of artillery. They are subsequently and often used today as the headquarters of the cantonal authority as for example the castle of Bulle.


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