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St-Maurice Castle

Route du Chablais 1, 1890 Saint-Maurice
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2018 Oct
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    Château (15e siècle), Bande dessinée (2005)

The Castle of St-Maurice, built in the 15th century, watches the entrance of the Valais

There are several parking places available near the castle our in St-Maurice.

The castle of St-Maurice is located at the entrance of the Valais, where the Rhone Valley narrows. It was built 2 centuries after most of the castles of the canton of Vaud, in the 15th century by the Valaisans of the 7 tens who dominated the Lower Valais. With its strategic position, the castle allows to check the passage along the Rhone as well as the crossing of the bridge over the Rhone towards the territory of Vaud. It was destroyed in 1693 by a fire and was rebuilt shortly afterwards. Before the entry of Valais and Vaud into Switzerland in 1815, it served as customs.

Above the castle, on the way to the Fairies Cave, you will note the Dufour Tower, built in 1831 by the name of General Henri-Guillaume Dufour, who built the fortifications at the level of the St-Maurice’s narrow pass, on both sides of the Rhone. In this context, two batteries of artillery are present in the northern part of the castle. Two paths leading from the castle allow to visit these restored fortifications as well as those that follow in the 19th century. The trail leading to the Dufour Tower gives access to the Fairies Cave.

The castle is used today for receptions of the Council of the State of Valais, it is also used for temporary paying comic books exhibitions. Unfortunately, as a castle it does not represent any special interest.

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