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1860 Aigle
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2017 Feb, Excursions
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The castle of Aigle was built in the 12th century by the Counts of Savoy in a magnificent environment.

Some parking places along the track as shown on the map.

The castle of Aigle was built at the end of the 12th century by the Savoy, it is positioned to monitor the Rhone valley as well as the roads leading to the Col des Mosses and the Col du Pillon, two passes leading to the Canton of Bern.

In 1475 the castle was burnt down and conquered by the Bernese during the Burgundian war to prevent the castle from serving as a relay to the troops, coming from Italy to rally the castle of Chillon and the Pays de Vaud or Savoy. At the end of the wars of Burgundy, the Pays de Vaud was given back to the Savoy, with the exception of some territories, such as, Chablais including the castle of Eagle that remains to the Bernese.

The castle became property of the Commune d’Aigle in the early 1800s at the Vaudoise Independence and in 1971, the Museum of Vine and Wine is housed in the castle. The castle of Aigle with its elegant silhouette sits on a hill, beautifully surrounded by vineyards and small wine routes in a setting of snow-capped mountains. It is very well maintained even if its interior aspect of the period is not preserved as in the castles of Chillon or Oron.

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  • Arbre de la liberté vaudoise 1798.
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