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🧒 ArchéoLab and Roman Villa at Pully

Avenue du Prieuré 4, 1009 Pully
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2018 Nov
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ArchéoLab and Roman Villa at Pully

ArchéoLab is an interactive space where children from about 4 to 12 years old can discover the archaeology of the Roman period. It is located in an old rich Roman villa in Pully on the hill of the Priory.

The Lab: the reception of the ArchéoLab.
The reception of the ArchéoLab in Pully



Parking spaces in the city of Pully.

The buildings

The ArchéoLab site is composed of two buildings separated by the road.

  • The Lab. It includes the reception and the laboratory for schools and birthdays.
  • The Archeo. It is located in the Roman villa and contains the interactive space open to the public.

The Archéo: the building built on the ruins of the Roman villa.
The Archéo: the building built on the ruins of the Roman villa.

The fees

The entrance fees to the ArchéoLab are as follows:

  • Free for children under 16 years old
  • Adults (from 16 years old): CHF 7
  • Students, AVS, AI, unemployed: CHF 5

The Archéo interactive space

Located in the building containing the Roman ruins of the Priory, the Archeo is a temporary exhibition where children can interact with a theme from the Roman era in the form of games and playful experiences.

Below are two of the latest temporary exhibitions:

  • Construire + malin = romain! 03.2019-06.2020
  • Archéonimaux: 09.2017-12.2018

Before a visit, it is recommended to consult the ArchéoLab website as the site is closed several months between temporary exhibitions.

Interactive displays and workshops during the “Archéonimaux” exhibition.
Showcases at the archaeolab and Roman villa of Pully

interactive workshops of the archaeolab and Roman villa of Pully

The Roman villa

The ArchéoLab exhibitions are located on the site of an ancient and luxurious Roman villa dating from the 1st or 2nd century AD and discovered in the 1970s. Only a few foundations remain of this villa and above all the large fresco with the halo, a semi-circular wall painting 15 metres long depicting scenes of chariot races.

One can observe the entire height of the Roman walls (almost 6m), which is extremely rare for a Roman archaeological site. The historical interest of this site is important at the regional level even if in the eyes of the amateur visitor it remains relatively modest.

To discover other Roman remains, we recommend you to read the article dedicated to sites of the Roman period in French-speaking Switzerland.

The ruins of the Roman house.
The ruins of the Roman house of Pully

The remains of the large semi-circular fresco.
the remains of the mosaic of the Roman villa of pully

A picture of what the villa might have been like in Roman times. Image source: archeolab.ch
A picture of what the villa might have been like in Roman times

The playful workshops

The Archéolab is the only permanent place in French-speaking Switzerland where historical ludic workshops are available for children. In 2019-2020, a beautiful exhibition takes place, offering workshops on construction in Roman times: “Construire+Malin=Romain!”.


A video from the Association of Friends of Pully Museums.


Webcam from the old town of Pully.

webcam pully


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