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🚂🗼 Chaumont Funicular and Panorama Tower

Chemin de la Tour 23, 2067 Neuchâtel
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2018 Mars
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Chaumont funicular

The Funicular de Chaumont is a funicular linking the city of Neuchâtel (517m) to a viewpoint (1087m) not far from the summit of Chaumont (1171m). Dating back to 1910, it is a little over 2km long with a capacity of about 70 people and a journey time of about 10 minutes. It has the unique characteristic in French-speaking or Western Switzerland to have, since its renovation in 2007, only one car.

The funicular with the watchtower.
The funicular with the watchtower.

Funicular summary

  • Rating (max 3 ): ⭐⭐⭐
  • View: Alps !!!
  • Track length: 2091 m
  • Start: La Coudre 517 m
  • Finish: Chaumont 1087
  • Curiosity: Chaumont Tower and adventure park
  • See all the technical details



To access the funicular, a paying car park is next to the departure station at la Coudre or to go directly to the observatory, a car park is next to the upper station of the Chaumont funicular.

The departure station in Neuchâtel- la Coudre.
The departure station in Neuchâtel- la Coudre.

The arrival station in Chaumont.
The arrival station in Chaumont.

Chaumont tower

From the Chaumont train station, you should not miss the superb view of the Alps. To do so, you have to climb to the top of the concrete belvedere built in 1912 and which allows you to be above the treetops. It costs one franc to go through the turnstile, a money changer is available in the Chaumont station.

The Belvedere with the paying turnstile on the left.
The Belvedere with the paying turnstile on the left.

Wonderful view

At the top of the belvedere, the view is simply extraordinary with a 180-degree panorama of the Alps with the help of a panel that makes it easy to recognize the mountains.

The view stretches from the east and the Appenzell mountains to the west and the Salève or Mollendruz via the most famous peaks in the Alps such as the Matterhorn or Mont Blanc. In the foreground are the three lakes of the Seeland with Lake Biel with St. Peter’s Island, Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Murten.

Panoramic view from the belvedere with the three lakes and the Alps.
Panoramic view from the belvedere with the three lakes and the Alps.

Main summits

From east to west or from left to right looking at the Alps, here is an overview of the most famous mountains in Switzerland and France that can be observed as well as the places visited by la Torpille.

  • Santis (2502m – Appenzell)
  • Rigi (1800m – Glaris)
  • Pilatus (2132m – Unterwald)
  • Titlis (3239m – Uri)
  • Brienzer Rothhorn (2351m – Luzern)
  • Eiger (3975m – Bern)
  • Monch (4104m – Bern)
  • Jungfrau (4167m – Bern)
  • Wildstrubel (3254m – Bern)
  • Weisshorn (4512m – Valais)
  • Matterhorn (4505m – Valais)
  • Dent Blanche (4365m – Valais)
  • Vanil Noir (2386m – Fribourg)
  • Les Diablerets (3246m – Vaud)
  • Grand-Combin (4317m – Valais)
  • Mont Gibloux (1202m – Fribourg)
  • Grand Muveran (3061m – Valais)
  • Moléson (2005m – Fribourg)
  • Dent de Lys (2017m – Fribourg)
  • Aiguille d’Argentière (3901m – France)
  • Rocher de Naye (2045m – Vaud)
  • Dents du Midi (3260m – Valais)
  • Mont-Blanc (4810m – France)
  • Mont-Pelerin (1077m – Vaud)
  • Gourze (923m –  Vaud)
  • Salève (1365m – France)
  • Mollendruz (1442m – Vaud)

The 4000

The 17 summits over 4000 m visible from the Chaumont observatory are listed below from east to west:

  1. Grand Schreckhorn (4080m)
  2. Grand Lauteraarhorn (4043)
  3. Finsteraarhorn (4275m)
  4. Mönch (4104m)
  5. Jungfrau (4167m)
  6. Alestchhorn (4182m)
  7. Weisshorn VS (4512m)
  8. Rothhorn de Zinal (4243m)
  9. Matterhorn (4505m)
  10. Dent Blanche (4365m)
  11. Grand Combin (4317m)
  12. Les Droites (4030m)
  13. Aiguille Verte (4127m)
  14. Mont-Blanc du Tacul (4249m)
  15. Mont-Blanc (4810m)
  16. Dôme du Goûter (4331m)
  17. Aiguille de Bionnassay (4066m).

Note the superb metal panel in the waiting room of the Chaumont funicular station with a complete inventory of all the mountains visible from the viewpoint.

The observation table.
The observation table.


To conclude, the Chaumont belvedere simply offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Alps in French-speaking or Western Switzerland. One of the furthest visible mountains is the Mont-Blanc and is located more than 120km from the observation post, so it is necessary to go there on a clear day.

To do in Chaumont

Several activities and facilities are available in Chaumont:

The playground.
The playground.

Parc Aventure Chaumont.
Parc Aventure Chaumont.

The “sentier du temps” starts from the Chaumont train station. It retraces the evolution of life on Earth over 4.5 km. The path is downhill and lasts about 1 hour but it has the disadvantage of not ending at the funicular departure station.

A descriptive panel of the “sentier du temps”.
A descriptive panel of the "sentier du temps".


Webcam depuis le poste d’observation de Chaumont sur les Alpes.


Une vidéo en drone sur le site de Chaumont.

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