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The Doubs Fall

The Doubs Falls (Saut du Doubs in french) is a 27-metre high waterfall located at the west of the canton of Neuchâtel. It was formed by a landslide more than 10,000 years ago, blocking the Doubs River and creating a lake called Lac des Brenets. The Doubs marks the border between France and Switzerland.

The Doubs Falls from the French shore.
The Doubs Fall from the French shore.



There is no road going directly to the waterfall, you have to go there directly on foot or by boat. The Torpille team recommends a boat tour from Les Brenets, which is not too expensive and allows you to sail through the magnificent gorges of the Doubs. The parking on the heights of the port of Les Brenets at the bottom of the village.

The access parking.
The access parking - doubs fall

The ticket office.
The ticket office to take the boat to the Doubs fall

The harbour of Les Brenets.The port to visit the Doubs fall


The NLB company‘s boats are taken from the bottom of the village of Les Brenets and leave approximately every 45 minutes from Les Brenets from 10 am to 5 pm. Please check the schedules for exact information.

The navigation lasts about twenty minutes in the Doubs gorges to the end of Lake Brenets where the boat docks to unload visitors. There is then a 15-minute walk along the river to reach the Doubs Falls. The boat returns to its departure point one hour after dropping off the visitors.

The Doubs gorges from the boat and 
The Doubs gorges from the boat leading to the Doubs Fall

The landing stage next to the the Doubs Falls.
The landing stage before the doubs fall

The walking route with the footbridge between Switzerland and France above the Doubs river.
The walking route with the footbridge between Switzerland and France leading to the doubs fall The river before the doubs fall

The platform overlooking the Doubs Falls.
The platform overlooking the Doubs Fall
The Doubs fall from Switzerland

In summer 2018, the lake level is so low that boat traffic must stop.


The prices for the roiund trip by boat from Les Brenets to the Doubs Falls are as follows:

  • Adult: 15 francs
  • Children (6 to 16 years old): 8 francs


Olivier Favre, from the nearby town of Le Locle, broke the world’s highest diving record by jumping in 1987 from a platform 53 metres high in front of the harbour of Les Brenets on the French side. Seriously injured following this jump, he must undergo a convalescence of 2 years. His record will last until 2015 and he dies in 2017 from cardiac arrest in Thailand.

In July 2018, an American jumped into the waterfall to save a person who had fallen into the water from the cliff.


A drone video on Lake Brenets and the Doubs Fall.

A video on the first kayak descent of the Doubs Fall.


Webcam from les Brenets.


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