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Route des Deux ChΓͺnes 11, 1847 Rennaz
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2018 Jan
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    06.01.2018 && 31.12.2018 && 27.02.2020
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Fun Planet Rennaz

Fun Planet Rennaz is a space dedicated to leisure in a large hall. It is located next to the Villeneuve industrial estate, including Hornbach and Conforama. It was moved to its current location in 2011 following a fire that destroyed the previous structure in 2009. There are two other Fun Planets in Bulle (FR) and Brig (VS) in German-speaking Switzerland.

Entrance to the Fun Planet.
Entrance to the Fun Planet rennaz



Large free parking just next to the Fun Planet Rennaz.

Description of activities

The Fun Planet Rennaz has two levels:

  • Ground floor
  • 1st floor

1st floor

Indoor Karting

3 types of tracks according to age:

  • Blue track: 10 to 12 years old. Min: 140 cm. 16 francs for 10 minutes. Max speed: 30km/h
  • Red track: 13 to 17 years old. 16 francs. 30 km/h
  • Black track: Adult. 23 francs. 60 km/h

Fun Planet Rennaz karting track on the ground floor.
Fun Planet Rennaz karting track on the ground floor.

Video games

Many video games of various types are available.

The ground floor room with the video games.
The Rez room of Fun Planet Rennaz with video games.

1er Γ©tage


20 bowling lanes at your disposal. The prices are as follows:

  • From 16 years old: 11 francs per game
  • Under 16 years old/AVS/AI: 9 francs per game

Bowling lanes.
Fun Planet Reenaz's bowling lanes


18-hole miniature golf course played in the dark with good visibility thanks to the fluorescent colours.

  • Under 4 years old: free of charge
  • Less than 125cm: 8 francs
  • Up to 16 years old/AVS: 9 francs
  • Adult: 10 francs

The minigolf room.
The minigolf room at Fun Planet Rennaz


Accrobranche with 17 workshops and a zip line about 10 metres long. Minimum 125cm.

  • 1 course: 11 francs
  • 2 courses: 15 francs

The workshops of the accrofun.
The workshops of the accrofun at fun planet rennaz

Pool tables

Nine pool tables.

  • 16 francs per hour
  • 3 francs for the equipment rental

The pool tables.
The pool tables ath fun planet rennaz


Four sets of darts available under the accrofun.

Four sets of darts available under the accrofun.


The bar is located in the middle of the 1st floor area. It also acts as a ticket office for activities.

The central bar.
The central bar at fun planet rennaz

Virtual Room

Since 2019, a virtual reality game with glasses.

Virtual Room


The restaurant “Diner’s 66” with a sixties look. See the map. See the menu.

The restaurant.
The dinner's 66 restaurant at fun planet rennaz


A video on Fun Planet Rennaz


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