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Chemin des Verjus 135, 1212 Lancy
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2018 Oct
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The Gavotte’s farm

The Gavotte’s farm (ferme de la Gavotte in french) is located in the commune of Lancy near the city of Geneva. It is open every day of the year and allows small children to discover the farm animals up close and free of charge.

The bar at the Gavotte farm.
The bar at the Gavotte farm.


Free parking for 3 hours right next to the farm.

The parking lot of the Gavotte farm.
The parking lot of the Gavotte farm.

The association

The purpose of the “association de la ferme de la Gavotte” (Gavotte’s farm association) is very respectable since it is to allow children to discover the farm’s animals. A project exists to renew the very old structures of the farm built more than 30 years ago in 1984. However, despite the dilapidated infrastructure, the animals and the space allocated to them are very well maintained.

In addition to the animals that can be observed and caressed free of charge, the Gavotte farm offers pony rides on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays during school holidays at the price of 12 francs per half-hour. Camps for children are also organized.

The ponies ready for a walk with the children.
The ponies ready for a walk with the children at gavotte's farm

The animals

Many farm animals are visible at La Gavotte. Some in large enclosures or through the fence of their hutch, but it is especially those who can be stroked in their enclosure that will delight children from 0 to 6 years old. Below are the animals that can be seen at the Gavotte’s farm.

Large animals in closed enclosures:

  • Horses in the meadow and the building housing their box.
    Horses in the meadow at the Gavotte's farm horse boxes at the Gavotte's farm
  •   Zebus and Highland cows.
     Zebus and Highland cows at the Gavotte's farm
  • Pigs.
     pig at the Gavotte's farm
  • Sheeps.
     black sheep at the Gavotte's farm racka sheep at the Gavotte's farm

Small animals in hutches:

  • Chickens and Roosters.
    Roosters at gavotte's farm Chickens at the gavotte's farm
  • Guinea pigs
  • Rabbits
    Rabbit hutches at the Gavotte's farm
  • Pheasants
  • Turkeys
  • Parakeets

Animals that can be stroked in their pens:

Spaces where children can directly caress animals are quite rare in French-speaking Switzerland and it should be noted that the Gavotte’s farm offers the largest space for this purpose. The petit oiseau snack bar (cabane du petit oiseau) in Châtel-Saint-Denis and the JuraParc zoo also offer pens where children can approach animals but in much smaller sizes.

The small goat park and the large park with ponies, donkeys and sheep.
The small goat park at the gavotte's farm the large park with ponies, donkeys and sheep at the gavotte's farm

The Torpedo and the Chameleon open the entrance door to the large park.
Children ;-) open the front door to the large park of the Gavotte's farm

The list of animals that can be stroked is as follows:

  • Goats
    Goats at the Gavotte's farm
  • Donkeys
     Donkeys at the Gavotte's farm
  • Sheep
    Jacod sheep and Ouessant sheep.
    Jacod sheep at the Gavotte's farm Ouessant sheep at the Gavotte's farm
  • Ponies
    Ponies at the Gavotte's farm
  • Llamas and Alpacas
    Llamas and Alpacas at the Gavotte's farm

Some animals such as sheep are beautiful, however, the lack of information about them is regrettable.


A refreshment bar is open in summer and many tables are available for the picnic.

The tables of the bar at the Gavotte’s farm in the large animal park.
The tables of the bar at the Gavotte's farm in the large animal park.


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