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🚂 Geneva’s Little Train

Quai Gustave-Ador 33, 1207 Genève
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2018 Sept
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Geneva’s Little Train

The Geneva’s Little Train is a tourist (Petit train de Genève in french) train running along the Gustave-Ador Quay on the left side of the bay. It is powered by electric batteries recharged by solar energy since 1997. The locomotive pulls three cars, each with a capacity of twenty passengers. It is accessible to people with disabilities since 2010.

The little train with the Geneva’s Jet d’eau in the background.
The little train with the Geneva's Jet d'eau in the background.


  • 🏆 Rating: ⭐⭐
  • 💲 Price: Adult: 8 francs / Child: 5 francs
  • 👁️ View: Bay of Geneva, Jet d’eau
  • 💺 Places: 60 (with 3 wagons)
  • 🔀 Number of course: 1
  • 🔁 Loop: No
  • ℹ️ Audio system: Yes (7 languages)
  • 🛑 4 stops to get on and off
  • ⏱️ Times: 35 minutes
  • 🚂 Locomotive: Electric



The Mont-Blanc car park is located in the immediate surroundings of the English garden.

The route

The Geneva little Train starts in the English garden and travels to the black port along the quays and then returns to its starting point by the same route. The travel time is about 30 minutes and the prices are 8 francs for an adult and 5 francs for a child.

Four stops are possible along the way but the ticket office is in the English garden. The little train runs all year round but much more regularly in summer. The complete schedules can be found on the Little Train website.

The stops:

  • English Garden
  • Jet d’eau
  • Baby beach
  • Eaux-vives Park

Curiosities along the way

All along the route, comments in several languages allow you to receive information about the various monuments visible from the train as well as some historical anecdotes.

The Torpille team offers below pictures of the different curiosities as you can see them from the Geneva’s little train and it must be said, It is also possible to walk through the bay and get closer to the Geneva’s Jet d’eau by taking the pier that leads to it.

The Flowered Clock
(L’Horloge Fleurie)
The English Garden
(Le Jardin Anglais)
Le Jardin Anglais depuis le petit train de Genève
St. Peter's Cathedral - from far
(La Cathédrale St-Pierre - de loin)
La Cathédrale St-Pierre  depuis le petit train de Genève
The National Monument
(Le Monument National)
Le Monument National depuis le petit train de Genève
The Sculpted Sequoia
(Le Séquoia Sculpté)
Le Séquoia sculpté depuis le petit train de Genève
The Fountain of the 4 Seasons
(La Fontaine des 4 Saisons)
La Fontaine des 4 Saisons depuis le petit train de Genève
Lake Geneva
(Le Lac Léman)
Le Lac Léman depuis le petit train de Genève
Le Jet d’EauLe Jet d’Eau depuis le petit train de Genève
The Royal House
(La Maison Royale)
The Palais de Nations on the other side of the riverbank - from far
(Le Palais de Nations )
Le Palais de Nations de l’autre coté de la rive depuis le petit train de Genève
The statue of the Breeze
(La statue de la Brise)
La statue de la Brise depuis le petit train de Genève
The Eaux-Vives Park
(Le Parc des Eaux-Vives)
Le Parcs des Eaux-Vives depuis le petit train de Genève
The Grange Park
(Le parc de la Grange)
Le parc de la Grange depuis le petit train de Genève
The Black Port Monument
(Le monument du Port Noir)
Le monument du Port Noir depuis le petit train de Genève


A video on the history of the Geneva’s Jet d’Eau.

A video on the history of the Geneva’s Jet d’Eau.

Drone video on the Geneva’s bay.


Webcam on the jet d’eau with the left bank of Geneva and the Mont-Blanc in the background.

webcam jet d'eau et rade de geneve

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