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Gruyères Castle

Rue du Château 8 1663 Gruyères
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2016 April, Excursions
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    09.04.2016 && 18.02.2017
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The castle of Gruyères is a castle dominating the district of the same name and in a magnificent region giving it a magical dimension.

Many parking spaces are available at the bottom of the castle

The castle of Gruyères was built in the 13th century by the Counts of Gruyère on a rocky mass near Broc in the Canton of Friborg. It blocks the access to the valley of the Intymaon in which runs the Sarine and leads to the villages of MontBovon and Château-d’Oex and the Col de Mosses to go to the Valais. It also closely monitors the Jogne valley leading to Charmey and the Jung Pass (Jaunpass) which provides access to the Bernese Oberland.

The County of Gruyère will grow over the years by alliances and weddings. Its territory extends around its castle but it also owns the Lords of Oron, Palezieux and Aubonne far from its feud. He is a vassal and therefore an ally of the powerful Savoy who controls the Pays de Vaud. More than 20 Counts were to succeed each other until 1554 when the Count de Michel de Gruyère went bankrupt and his possessions were shared by his creditors Bern and Friborg. The region corresponding to the current district of Gruyère passes into the hands of the Fribourgeois and that corresponding to the village of Saanen (Gessenay in French) and Pays d’Enhaut passes to the hands of the Bernese. It should be noted that Michel de Gruyère’s bankruptcy followed the invasion of the Pays de Vaud in 1536 by the Bernese in the course of which Friborg annexed the southern regions of the Glâne and the Veveyse and thus, with Gruyère, increased Strongly and definitely the size of its territory. Bern will have to withdraw from the Pays de Vaud in the 1800s.

The name “Gruyères” comes from the long-legged animal the “crane” (grue in French) found on the banks of water. La Gruyère, in the singular form, gave its name to a district as well as a commune but also to the famous cheese elaborated in the region. The shape of the castle is known as the “Savoyard square” that can be found in the castles of Bulle and Yverdon for example. The castle can be visited according to a marked trail, as in the castles of Chillon, Oron or Grandson. The castle houses temporary exhibitions as well as the HR Giger Museum which dedicates the works of the creator of “Alien” with his fantastic and frightening creatures. You will not fail to stop in the very picturesque village adjoining the castle. It is worth stopping to taste a plate of dried Gruyère meat, a good fondue and meringues with double cream.

The area of the castle is the starting point for many walks where you can observe the castle from different points of view. Nearby are many places of interest such as the Maison du Gruyère, the Moléson Cable Car, the Summer Toboggan and the Winter Toboggan in Moléson Village, the Jogne Gorges, Montsalvens Dam, Electrobroc and the Maison Cailler .

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