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2018 Juillet
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Hand Museum

The Hand Museum of Lausanne (Musée de la main in french) is located in a building of the CHUV (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois) along the road leading from the Blécherette motorway exit to the centre of Lausanne. Contrary to what its name might suggest, the Hand Museum is not a museum dedicated to the hand but rather a museum that presents, in the form of temporary exhibitions, the work of the CHUV on various medical themes.

The Hand Museum
The Hand Museum

 The Hand Museum



A few parking spaces next to the entrance of the Hand Museum.

Parking spaces.
Parking spaces for the museum of the hand

Museum’s founder

The name of the museum comes from its founder, Claude Verdan (1909-2006), who was a renowned hand surgeon. He created the Claude Verdan Foundation, which was initially responsible for exhibiting various objects related to the hand.


The visit of the temporary exhibition takes place on two floors. Visitors can participate in experiences in the form of a fun workshop to better understand the theme on display. Thus, one should make sure to look carefully at the theme of the temporary exhibition before his visit to see if it corresponds to his wishes.

Some examples of past exposures lasting from 6 to 12 months approximately:

  • Dans la tête. Exploration de la conscience. In the head. Exploring consciousness.
  • Pas de panique. La peur, notre meilleure amie ou notre pire ennemie? Don’t panic. Fear, our best friend or our worst enemy?
  • Le temps qui reste. Portraits de vies en soins palliatifs. The time that remains. Portraits of lives in palliative care.
  • Violences.
  • Lab/Life. Exploration du vivant. Lab/Life. Exploration of the living.
  • Anatomies. Conceptions et des représentations du corps humain. Anatomies. Concepts and representations of the human body.
  • Sel. Goût, géologie, biologie, médecine, culture et alimentation. Salt. Taste, geology, biology, medicine, culture and food.
  • Touch. Exposition tactile. Touch. Touch exposure.
  • Peau. Découverte des signes parsemés sur sa propre peau. Skin. Discover the scattered signs on her own skin.

Two workshops from the “Dans la tête (In the Head)” exhibition.
workshos from the "Dans la tête (In the Head)" exhibition

workshos from the "Dans la tête (In the Head)" exhibition

What about the hand?

Only a few elements presented against a wall recall the field of activity of its founder.

Some objects from Claude Verdan’s collection displayed in a window on the ground floor of the Hand Museum.
Some objects from Claude Verdan's collection displayed in a window on the ground floor of the Hand Museum


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