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🎢 Happyland New

Route du Foulon 24, 3977 Granges, Sierre
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2018 Juillet
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logo happyland Granges Sierre

The Happyland park

Happyland is an amusement park located in Granges in the commune of Sierre in Valais along the Rhône river on nearly 25,000 m². Created in 1988 by Otto and Elsa Matter under the name of Babyland, it changed its name one year later to Happyland. A few years ago the park was renamed “Happyland New” to mark the arrival of new attractions. However, it remains better known under its name of Happyland.

It is the second largest amusement park in Switzerland after Conny-Land near Lake Constance in the canton of Thurgau. The park was taken over in 2017 by a new family after almost 30 years of activities under the management of the founders. It is ideally suited for children aged 6 to 12.



Parking is available next to the park entrance or along the road to Happyland.

The Happyland parking.
Le parking de Happyland New.


The activities date back halfway to the birth of the park and bring a vintage touch to the place. The park is well maintained and the low attendance allows for very little waiting time to make attractions. A supervisor is in charge of several attractions, sometimes it is necessary to go and get him to start an attraction such as a helicopter.

Un plan des activités du parc Happyland.
Un plan des activités du parc happyland.


It is important to be aware of the pricing policy, which is highly commented on the Internet, in the sense that a 3-year-old child will pay the same price as an adult (23 francs), knowing that these two age groups cannot benefit from all the attractions. For example, for a family of four with two adults and two children aged 3 and 5, an entrance budget of nearly 100 francs will be required.

However, this park can be compared to a Luna Park such as the one that can be found once a year in Ouchy Lausanne. The individual price of tickets to this event, which can easily amount to 5 – 10 francs, can also make it quite expensive with longer waits and a less pleasant environment for parents than in Happyland. Consequently, the Torpille team recommends staying at least 6 hours in Happyland to make the most of its day.


You can enjoy the beautiful 300-seat terraces to eat at the park’s refreshment bar or simply take your picnic. Sun loungers are also available in the park.

Happyland’s terrace.
Happyland's terrace.

List of Happyland attractions

AttractionDescriptionCommissioning datePictureApproximate ideal age
Family swing
Balançoire familiale happyland
6 to 10
Big Slide1989
Big Toboggan  happyland
5 to 10
Ball barrels
Canons à boules happyland
From 6
Bouncy castle?
Château gonflable happyland
4 to 10
CherokeeRail horse circuit1989
Cherokee Circuit de chevaux sur rail  happyland
4 to 6
Car and motorcycle circuit1989
Circuit de voitures et motos happyland
4 to 8
Table gamesBabyfoot / Pucks
Jeux de tables happyland
From 8
Low gFlying bus
Low g Bus volant happyland
6 to 12
Hot air balloonsSuspended carousel1999?
Montgolfières Carousel suspendu happyland
4 to 6
Nautic-Jet Chute aquatique happyland
From 6
Mechanical excavators
Pelles mécaniques happyland
6 to 12
Small boats
Petits bâteaux happyland
1 to 2
Playground for children
Place de jeux happyland
4 to 10
Red BaronSuspended carousel1999?
Red Baron Carousel suspendu happyland
4 to 6
SafariSmall cars2018
Safari Petites voitures happyland
4 to 10
Sea StarsBumper boats1989
Sea Stars Bâteaux tamponneurs happyland
6 to 10
Splash RiverCircuit with logs2006
Splash River Circuit avec des bûches  happyland
From 6
4D Simulator1999
Simulateur 4D happyland
From 6
Inflatable slide
Toboggan gonflable happyland
6 to 10
Traction happyland
From 12
Tropical TrackRussian Mountain2006
Tropical Track Montagne russe happyland
6 to 12
TyroleanChair lift1989
Tyrolienne Télésiège happyland
6 to 12


A video about the attractions of Happyland.


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