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Château St. Germain, 1663 Gruyères
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HR Giger Museum

Opened in 1998, the HG Giger Museum (Musée HR Giger in french) is located in the Saint-Germain castle below the Gruyères castle, it contains the largest collection of paintings and sculptures of Giger since the 1960s.

The entrance to the HR Giger Museum.
The entrance to the HR Giger Museum.



Access to the HR Giger Museum is through the paid car parks provided for the Gruyères castle.

The map of the Gruyères site.
The map of the Gruyères site.


The visit proposes a multi-level exhibition of HR Giger’s work and in particular his fantastic environment made of mutant and futuristic creatures. The museum is not suitable for children under about 14 years of age because of works that can be frightening or offensive to children. You can contemplate paintings, drawings but above all metal sculptures that will impress visitors the most. A souvenir shop is available on the ground floor.

A room from the museum.
A piece from the hr giger museum

The shop on the ground floor.
the shop on the ground floor of the hr giger museum

HR Giger

Hans Ruedi Giger is a Swiss sculptor and artist born in the canton of Graubünden in Chur in 1940 and died after a fall in Zurich in 2014, at the age of 74. He is buried in the Gruyères cemetery. He was internationally acclaimed in 1979 following the release of Ridley Scott’s film “Alien, the eighth passenger”. HR Giger built the Alien creature and the foreign ship. He even won the Oscar of the best special effects in 1980 for the movie.

However, he remains relatively unknown in Switzerland where his works did not inspire the artistic community. In 1997, he bought the place where the museum is now located.

The famous little statue of the Oscar for Best Special Effects.
The 1980 Oscar certificate for special effects and the famous little statue - hr giger museum


HR Giger’s best-known creations are those of mutant and frightening creatures that combine living organisms with mechanical parts to produce biomechanical art.

Biomechanical creature on display at the HR Giger Museum.
Biomechanical creature on display at the HR Giger Museum.

HR Giger Bar

Opposite the museum is the particularly original HR Giger bar created in 2003, whose seats, bar and vault were created by the artist.

The HR Giger Bar.
The HR Giger Bar. The HR Giger Bar.

Tibet Museum

Just next to the HR Giger Museum building is the Tibet Museum, which displays objects related to Buddhism from the 6th to 18th centuries that come from Alain Bordier’s collection.

The entrance to the HR Giger Museum and at the back the entrance to the Tibet Museum.
The entrance to the HR Giger Museum and at the back the entrance to the Tibet Museum.


A video about the HR Giger museum.

A video about the HR Giger bar in front of the museum.


Webcam on the site of Gruyères.

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