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🎢 Jumpark – Indoor Trampolines

Rue Edouard Verdan 4, 1400 Yverdon-les-Bains
2018 Dec
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    46.78813 6.62926

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Jumpark Trampoline Park

Jumpark is a room dedicated to trampolines, it is the only one in French-speaking Switzerland to offer this service. It was built in 2017 on the former site of the Flexcell Hall on a playing surface of nearly 800 m².

The Jumpark room.
The Jumpark room.


Parking around Jumpark.

The room

At the entrance of Jumpark is located the changing rooms and then the reception which offers a cafeteria. Behind the latter is the Jumpark room, which is composed of several areas:

The entrance to Jumpark.
The entrance to Jumpark and the reception with the cafeteria.

The reception with the cafeteria.
The entrance to Jumpark, the reception with the cafeteria
The different play areas of Jumpark.
The different play areas of Jumpark.

Children’s area 4 to 6 years old

Small trampolines and a foam area.

Zone enfants 4 à 6 ans à jumpark yverdon

Tumbling zone

Long trampoline to perform consecutive spins.

Zone tumbling de jumpark yverdon

“Standard” zone

The “standard” area includes a series of trampolines and a area with large foam cubes in which to jump

Standard" zone at jumpark yverdon

“Freestyle” zone

The “freestyle” area includes two trampolines at different heights to jump into a foam area while trying to do acrobatic tricks.

Freestyle zone at jumpark yverdon

Dodgball and Dunk Zone

A large number of trampolines with balls to throw into basketball boards.

Dodgball and Dunk Zone at jumpark yverdon


A little wire you walk on trying not to fall on.

stackline at jumpark yverdon

Zone Pro

The pro zone includes three trampolines only for advanced users.

Prices and schedules

Jumpark is closed on Mondays and open in the afternoons until 9pm.

The entrance fees are as follows:

  • 4 to 12 years old: 12 francs for one hour and 6 francs for each additional hour.
  • 13 to 64 years old: 15 francs for one hour and 8 francs for each additional hour.
  • Over 65 years old: 5 francs an hour.

Wearing non-slip socks is mandatory. It is possible to buy some onsite at the price of three francs.

CAUTION: The Torpille Team makes it clear that a maximum number of people are accepted on trampolines and on a weekend day, waiting can easily take hours! It is therefore imperative to book your session on the Jumpark site.

A sticker indicating the end time of the trip.
A sticker indicating the end time of the trip at jumpark yverdon


Une vidéo sur le Trampoline Park d’Yverdon.

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