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🎢 🛷 Moléson Leisure Park

Office du tourisme 1663 Moléson-sur-Gruyères
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Moléson leisure park

Moléson-Village proposes a leisure park with several activities from mid-June to mid-September. Be sure to check the Moléson website carefully as not all activities open at the same time around the beginning of June or can be closed in case of bad weather.

The various activities proposed by the Moléson leisure park are listed below.

  • Bar/reception
  • Summer sled
  • Minigolf course
  • Bouncy castles
  • Devalkart
  • Archery shooting
  • Playground for children

The activities, taken one by one, can quickly become expensive with a cost of 6 francs per toboggan run or devalkart for example. Thus it can be interesting to buy a pass that allows you to enjoy all the activities including the funicular and cable car.

Pass prices include 3 age categories: +25 years/16-24 years/6-15 years and 3 durations.

  • 1 day: 46/33/24
  • 2 days: 60/43/32
  • 7 days: 83/60/44

Children under 6 years of age do not pay but cannot do the devalkart and must be accompanied by a person over 16 years of age for sledging.


The Moléson leisure park offers a large free car park at the entrance to the Village of Moléson.

The refreshment bar

The refreshment bar has a few seats inside and a large terrace outside with a view over the chalets of Moléson-Village. It acts as a ticket office for the activities of the leisure park. Next to the terrace is a small playground for children from 2 to 4 years old and a table tennis table.

the refreshment bar and the small playground - Moléson leisure park he table tennis table next to the refreshment bar - summer toboggan with moléson - Moléson leisure park

The sled course

The summer toboggan in a closed circuit, takes 2 minutes to climb and about 1 minute 30 minutes to descend, it gives you a good feeling of speed. This is the flagship activity of the Moléson and it is one of the four summer sleds in French-speaking Switzerland with the Robella leisure park (NE), Glacier 3000 (VD) and the Vue des Alpes toboggan (NE). Children from 3 to 7 years old must be accompanied but do not pay.
Price: 6 francs per tour and per person.

For more details, please refer to the page dedicated to the toboggan runs in French-speaking Switzerland.

Summer toboggan run in Moléson - Moléson leisure park


A slightly faded 18-hole minigolf course next to the reception.
Price: 6 francs per tour for adults and 4 francs for children.

Minigolf near the summer toboggan run at Moléson - Moléson leisure park

Bouncy castles

Very simple bouncy castles for children up to 5 years old with two climbing towers behind the reception. It is regrettable to see some of the bouncy castles soaked in water during the day after the rains.
Price: 4 francs for the whole day.

bouncy castles close to the summer toboggan in Moléson - Moléson amusement park


The ski lift in the village allows you to go up the 500-metre long ski slope with a devalkart which is a large-wheeled kart.
Price: 6 francs per descent.

Devalkart track near the summer toboggan run at Moléson - Moléson leisure park

Archery shooting

Three targets are available next to the bouncy castles at the end of the large meadow.

archery - summer sled with moléson - Moléson leisure park


The only free activity in the Moléson leisure park, a pretty playground is available as well as areas for grilling above the start of the sled.

the playground - summer toboggan at Moléson - Moléson amusement park

In addition to the activities of the Moléson leisure park, a few other activities are possible:

Via Ferrata

The north face of the Moléson is accessible by 2 Via Ferrata in several hours. Photo moleson.ch

Via Ferrata of Moléson near the summer toboggan run in Moléson


A large number of well-documented walks are available such as the panoramic trail, the botanical trail, the Plan-Francey trail, the Moléson trail, the Fromageries trail, the Vudalla trail, or Moléson-Les Paccots. Photo moleson.ch

map of walks in Moléson near the summer toboggan run in Moléson

The fromagerie d’Alpage:

From the mid-point of the devalkart trail, you can follow the Cheese Factories trail.

Cheese dairies trail near the summer toboggan run in Moléson

The Moléson mountain

A great activity to do nearby is to climb to the summit of Moléson with first the funicular from the large car park in Moléson-Village and then the cable car linking the arrival of the funicular at Plan-Francey to the top of the Moléson.

Le Moléson from Plan-Francey with the cable car arrival station on the left.
Moléson Summit from Plan-Francey



Webcam à Moléson-Village – 1100m

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