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2018 Juillet
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Seyon Gorges

The Seyon Gorges are a 4 km long gorges formed by the Seyon River between Valangin and the city of Neuchâtel. The Seyon River rises near Villiers in the Val-de-Ruz and flows into the lake at the level of the city of Neuchâtel.


  • 🏆 Gorges ranking: ⭐
  • 🏃 Course ranking: ⭐
  • 📍 Region: Neuchâtel NE
  • 📐 Lenght: 4.5 km
  • ⌛ Time: 60 minutes
  • 👍 Special features: Valangin castle and church, Gor du Vauseyon mills
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Paid parking below the castle of Valangin.

Paid parking below the castle of Valangin.

Seyon Gorges route

The route begins at the level of the church of Valangin and then goes down along the gorges. The path in the forest remains very high above the river that is rarely seen. Unfortunately, all the space available next to the gorges is occupied by the J20 motorway linking Neuchâtel to La Chaux-de-Fonds via the tunnel under the Vue des Alpes. The route of the Seyon Gorge takes part of the Revolutionary Way (Voie Révolutionnaire), a long path of nearly 40 kilometres for a walking time of more than 10 hours from Le Locle via La Chaux-de-Fonds, the Vue des Alpes, Valangin and finally Neuchâtel.

The Church of Valangin
The Church of Valangin

The forest path.
The forest path long the seyon gorges

Gor du Vauseyon mills

The terminal part of the gorges is the only part where you can see the gorges up close, which are particularly deep in this area. It is here that the mills of the Gor de Vauseyon are built. These are old mills built since the 16th century, of which only the main one remains between the gorges and the upper part was destroyed in 1937. From the 2000s, the Gor de Vauseyon site exposed a sample of hydraulic systems from the pre-industrial era, i.e. before 1850. Unfortunately, the path along the gorges at the mills is closed without explanation. Just next to the mills is the “Prussian House“. Built in 1797 and named in honour of a former Prussian owner, it is now a hotel and restaurant.

The old mill that crossed the gorges.
The old mill that crossed the gorges.

The “Prussian House”.
The "Prussian House" near the seyon gorges

Mills visit

The Gor du Vauseyon mills can be visited but only on the first Saturday of each month with a paid guided tour. A pavilion also offers information. Outside this time, the pavilion is closed and there is no explanation on the different paddlewheels or on the site itself which is very damaging and ultimately makes the site uninteresting.

Return by bus

Just after the Gor du Vauseyon, the Seyon River is channelled under the Champ-Coco industrial zone of the city of Neuchâtel and ends up flowing into Lake Neuchâtel a few hundred metres further on. To reach Valangin, the Vauseyon bus stop is available very close to the end of the gorges after a 1.5 hour walk. Line 422 towards Villiers allows you to reach the village of Valangin in just 4 minutes. In Valangin, it is possible to visit the castle.

The Vauseyon bus stop in the City of Neuchâtel.
Vauseyon bus stop.

Channeling of the river at the end of the Seyon gorges.
Channeling of the river at the end of the Seyon gorges

The Valangin castle.
The Valangin castle.


A video on the Seyon Gorges with the mills of the Gor of Vauseyon.

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