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Rue du Château, 1680 Romont
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2016 Oct, 2019 Avril
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    22.10.2016 && 28.04.2019
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Swiss Museum of Stained Glas

The Swiss Museum of Stained Glass and Glass Arts is located within the Romont castle. Since 1981, he has been presenting works of art related to stained glass.

The Romont castle.
The castle of Romont.

The entrance to the museum in the castle courtyard.
L'entrée du musée dans la cour du château.



Parking spaces in the old town of Romont


The museum is composed of several parts:

Permanent exhibition of glass arts

The permanent exhibition presents the following themes related to the glass industry to visitors.

  • Stained glass windows
    Glass parts generally connected together by lead.
  • Paintings under glass (inverted glass)
    Images painted directly on one side of the glass, and the result is visible on the other side. The image is therefore reversed.
  • Contemporary glass arts.
    Proposes to discover the current glass world.
  • Glass objects.
    Decorative and functional glasses for everyday life.
  • Graphic works..
    Work prior to the realization of the stained glass window by the stained glass painter.
  • Tools and materials.
    Materials related to the art of glass.

The vitromuseum houses the world’s largest collection of glass paintings.
The vitromuseum houses the world's largest collection of glass paintings.

Paintings under glass in the Romont vitromuseum

For those who no longer remember, the Romont vitromuseum reminds us that the raw material for making glass is sand, which is heated to obtain a glass material.

Children’s area and interactive itinerary

The workshop for children.
The workshop for children at Romont museum


The shop offers jewellery created by glass artists as well as books, postcards or small objects related to the world of glass.


Since 2009, every two years in April, the vitrofestival has been held on a weekend in the museum’s premises and around the Romont Castle. It offers demonstrations on the manufacture of glass objects and the sale by Swiss and European exhibitors of various creations.

The advertising poster for the Vitro Festival of Romont in 2019.
The advertising poster for the Vitro Festival of Romont in 2019.

The visit of the ramparts

At the same time as the visit of the vitromuseum, we will not fail to visit the ramparts of the old town of Romont, taking advantage of several beautiful viewpoints and old guard towers along the way.

The path along the ramparts.
The path along the ramparts of Romont

Point of view on the Prelaps with the Moléson.
Point of view on the Prelaps with the Moléson from Romont

The rates

The entrance fees to the Vitromusée are as follows:

  • Adult: 12 francs
  • Student/AVS/AI: 9 francs
  • Children up to 16 years old: free of charge



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