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Vufflens Castle

The Vufflens castle was built between 1415 and 1430 on a small hill in the heights of Morges. Its colossal keep is one of the highest in Europe with a height of 60 metres and is lined with square towers. Adjacent to the keep is a rectangular main building surrounded by circular turrets.

South side view.
View of the south side of Vufflens Castle

View from the east side.
View from the east side of Vufflens Castle


History of the castle

The castle was burned and looted during the invasion of the Pays de Vaud by the Bernese in 1536 and at the end of the 19th century it underwent a renovation that did not seem to have altered its original appearance too much.

North view.
View of the north side of Vufflens Castle

West view.
View of the west side of Vufflens Castle

A brick castle

The Vufflens castle is a very impressive and magnificent castle surrounded by vineyards. It is built entirely of brick, which is unique in French-speaking Switzerland. Other castles, built at the beginning of the 15th century, are also built in brick but only partially and generally in the upper parts.

One can be surprised by the use of bricks made of clay instead of heavy stones in the construction of medieval castles. This choice came from experts at the time from Piedmont who observed that bricks were more resistant to splintering than stone. However, the appearance of the metal ball in the middle of the 15th century, a few years after the end of the construction of Vufflens Castle, sounded the death knell for castles and made brick structures particularly vulnerable to this type of new weapon. An interesting article retraces the history of brick use during the Savoyard period in French-speaking Switzerland.

The Chenaux castle in Estavayer-le-Lac is partially built of brick.
The Chenaux castle in Estavayer-le-Lac is partially built of brick.

The visit

The castle of Vufflens is in private hands and therefore cannot be visited, which is, of course, very unfortunate given its exceptional beauty. However, it is still worthwhile, if you pass through the region, to come and admire it from the outside.

The walks

Some walks are available in the castle area, such as the 3km descent or ascent which takes about 1h30 from Vufflens Castle to Morges Castle.


A drone video on Vufflens Castle.

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