🌧️ Rain and Bad Weather | More than 200 Attractions in French-speaking Switzerland


What to do in bad weather?
What to do when it rains?

Don’t worry about it! The Torpille team offers you nearly 200 activities in the cantons of Geneva, Vaud, Fribourg, Neuchâtel and Valais to enjoy an excellent day when the sun is not shining. The following indoor activity categories will be ideal when it rains or in bad weather:

  • 85 museums
  • 41 Indoor swimming pools
  • 21 bowling
  • 20 climbing rooms
  • 15 indoor leisure parks
  • 10 thermal baths
  • 9 tropiquariums and aquariums
  • 5 trampoline parks
  • 4 indoor minigolf
  • 4 karting
  • 5 military forts
  • 4 caves
  • 2 mines

All activities are subject to a fee, with the notable exception of a few museums presented in the following section.



🖼️ Museums

Museums are the fastest places to think of in case of bad weather. The Torpille team offers no less than 85 in all French-speaking Switzerland in very diversified categories.

  • Historical museums
  • Technical museums
  • Theme museums
  • Ethnographic museums
  • Museums on Fine Arts
  • Museums on natural sciences
  • Regional museums
  • Science fiction museums

The Geneva Natural History Museum is the most beautiful museum in French-speaking Switzerland. It presents natural animals in their environment.
The Geneva Natural History Museum is the most beautiful museum in French-speaking Switzerland.

Lausanne Invention Space is the best place in French-speaking Switzerland to familiarize children with science.
Lausanne Invention Space is the best place in French-speaking Switzerland to familiarize children with science.

Some museums are permanently free of charge in French-speaking Switzerland, these are the museums listed below. Please note that some other museums are free one day a month.

ℹ️ See the geographical location of all museums in French-speaking Switzerland.

🏊 Indoor Pools

  1. Fribourg: Piscine du Levant
  2. Châtel-Saint-Denis: Piscine communale
  3. Carouge: Piscine des Pervenches
  4. Les Acacias: Piscine des Vernets
  5. Meyrin: Piscine de Livron
  6. Onex: Piscine municipale
  7. Thônex: Piscine communale
  8. Vernier: Piscine du Lignon
  9. Boncourt: Piscine des Hémionées
  10. Delémont: Piscine de la Blancherie
  11. Porrentruy: Piscine des Tilleuls
  12. Saignelégier: Piscine de l’hôtel Crystal
  13. Couvet: Piscine des Combes
  14. Cernier: Piscine de la Fontenelle
  15. Geneveys-sur-Coffrane: Piscine communale
  16. Chaux-de-Fonds: Piscine des Arêtes
  17. Neuchâtel: Nid-du-Crô
  18. Champéry: Piscine intérieur du Palladium
  19. Finhaut: Piscine communale
  20. Grône: Piscine municipale
  21. Martigny: Bassin du Manoir
  22. Sierre: Piscine Guillamo
  23. Sion: Piscine de l’Ancien Stand
  24. St-Maurice: Piscine du centre sportif
  25. Thyon
  26. Verbier: Piscine de Mondzeu
  27. Veysonnaz
  28. Zinal
  29. Bassins
  30. Chavannes-pres-Renens
  31. Vevey-Corseaux (also outdoor pool))
  32. Chaëdoz (Haute-Nendaz)
  33. Lausanne: Piscine de Mon-Repos
  34. Le Sentier
  35. Leysin
  36. Les Diablerets
  37. Mont-sur-Lausanne: Piscine de Mottier
  38. Montreux Clarens: Piscine de Maladaire
  39. Nyon: Piscine du Cossy
  40. Villars: Piscine du centre sportif
  41. Yverdon

ℹ️ Check all the details about the indoor swimming pools in Western Switzerland.

🎳 Bowling

  1. The Bowling Hôtel – Signy/Nyon VD
  2. Bowlingland – Gland VD
  3. Bowling Miami – Echandens VD
  4. Bowland Lausanne/Vidy VD
  5. Bowling Lausanne/Flon VD
  6. Bowling d’Yverdon VD
  7. Funplanet Rennaz/Villeneuve VD
  8. Bowling Sports Bar Villars-sur-Ollon VD
  9. Bowling du Parc Châteaux d’Oex VD
  10. Bowling La Praille GE
  11. Bowling Balexert GE
  12. Bowling de Sévaz FR
  13. Funplanet Bulle FR
  14. Fribowling FR
  15. Bowland Martigny VS
  16. Bowling Crans-Montana VS
  17. Bowling des Rottes Conthey VS
  18. XL Bowling la Chaux-de-Fonds NE
  19. Bowling le Beaulieu Neuchâtel NE
  20. La Croisée des Loisirs Delémont JU
  21. Bowling Bienne BE

ℹ️ Chec all the details about the bowlings of Western Switzerland.

🧗 Climbing rooms

Many very well equipped climbing rooms have been created over the past 5 years in French-speaking Switzerland and in particular in the Lake Geneva region. It is a good idea of rainy activities for the whole family and it is not necessary to own equipment, everything can be rented on site.

The 20 climbing rooms:

  1. Totem Climbing Vevey
  2. Totem Climbing Gland
  3. Totem Climbing Ecublens
  4. Totem Climbing Versoix
  5. Le Cube Mont-sur-Lausanne
  6. Gecko Climbing Sottens
  7. Climbing Wall of Chavornay
  8. RocSpot Echandens
  9. BlocZone Givisiez
  10. Villeneuve climbing room
  11. Fribourg climbing room (Under construction)
  12. Satigny climbing room (Under construction)
  13. Laniac Climbing Bulle
  14. Entrepôt climbing and trampolines
  15. C+ Urban Climbing Milvignes
  16. Dbloc Bulle
  17. Vertic-Halle Saxon
  18. Vertic-Halle Monthey
  19. Moubra climbing room
  20. Le locle climbing room (Under construction)

A climbing block zone in the Vertic-Halle room in central Valais.
A climbing block zone in the Vertic-Halle room in central Valais.

ℹ️ All the information is available on the page dedicated to climbing rooms in French-speaking Switzerland.

🎢 Indoor leisure parks

For children, many indoor leisure parks are available.

The 5 parks for children and adults:

  1. Fun Planet Rennaz
  2. Fun Planet Bulle
  3. Jumpark Trampolines Yverdon
  4. L’Entrepôt Trampolines Bulle
  5. Alaia Chalet Trampolines Lens

Jumpark indoor room yverdon

The 9 bouncy castle parks and climbing structures for children up to 8 years old: (The maximum age can often be higher but the Torpille team recommends a maximum age of 8 years).

  1. Jayland Gland Leisure Centre 
  2. Jayland Villars-Sainte-Croix Leisure Centre
  3. Planeta Magic Saint-Blaise
  4. Bownland Martigny
  5. Monstrofun Martigny
  6. Espace Junior Aigle
  7. Payerneland Payerne (propose aussi un karting pour les adultes)
  8. Fun4Kids Vétroz
  9. Kids Fun Parc Etoy
  10. Vertic-Halle Monthey

Games at Jayland Leisure Centre in Etoy.
Games at Jayland Leisure Centre in Etoy.

ℹ️ Check all the information about the leisure parcs in Western Switzerland.

🐊 Tropiquariums and aquariums

There are many tropical areas in French-speaking Switzerland, where exotic animals such as turtles, crocodiles, monitors, insects and snakes can be found. These are heated and indoor areas.

The 5 vivariums and exotic spaces:

  1. Tropiquarium of Servion
  2. Vivarium of Aquatis
  3. Vivarium of Meyrin
  4. Papillorama
  5. Vivarium du zoo du Bois du Petit-Château

The entrance to the Servion Tropiquarium.
The entrance to the Servion Tropiquarium

There are four aquariums in French-speaking Switzerland, but the only real one is Aquatis. The other three offer some pools but within the framework of an animal park or a museum.

  1. Aquariums of Aquatis
  2. Leman Museum and Aquarium
  3. River House
  4. Papillorama

Visitors in front of an Aquatis aquarium.
Visitors in front of an Aquatis aquarium.

ℹ️ See all the information on the animal parks of French-speaking Switzerland.

💧 Thermal Baths

Thermal baths are a good idea in case of bad weather. There are 6 thermal baths in French-speaking Switzerland. The Torpille team added the thermal baths of Leukerbad because of their proximity to French-speaking Switzerland and Aquaparc with their heated water.

  1. Gruyère Thermal Baths (Charmey)
  2. Lavey Thermal Baths
  3. Yverdon Thermal Baths
  4. Thermes Parc (Val d’Illiez)
  5. Saillon Thermal Baths
  6. Ovronnaz Thermal Baths
  7. Anzere Thermal Baths
  8. Aquaparc
  9. Bain Bleu GE
  10. Cressy Baths GE

The two outdoor pools of the Lavey thermal baths.
The two outdoor pools of the Lavey thermal baths.

ℹ️ All useful information can be found on the thermal baths in French-speaking Switzerland page.

⚔️ Militaires Forts

Five forts are available for visits without reservation in French-speaking Switzerland. These are guided tours with the exception of the fort of Evionnaz.

It is an original idea for an excursion where you should not forget a good pullover. The forts are classified starting from the most interesting.

  1. Pré-Giroud Fort
  2. Cindey Fort
  3. Scex Fort
  4. Champex-Lac Fort
  5. Evionnaz Fort

A guide shows the insertion of a shell into an artillery gun at Fort Cindey.
A guide shows the insertion of a shell into an artillery gun at Fort Cindey.

ℹ️ Read all the useful information on military forts in French-speaking Switzerland.

🤸 Trampoline parks

  1. Jumpark Yverdon VD
  2. Jumpland Aigle VD
  3. L’Entrepôt Bulle FR
  4. Alaïa Chalet Lens VS
  5. Jumping Jack Courroux JU

ℹ️ Check all the details on the trampoline parks in Western Switzerland.

🏎️ Karting

  1. Karting of Payerne VD
  2. Karting of Vuiteboeuf VD
  3. Karting of Funplanet Villeneuve VD
  4. Karting de Bassecourt JU

ℹ️ Check all the details on the karting tracks in Western Switzerland.

⛳ Minigolf

Quatre minigolfs en intérieur.

  1. Minigolf of Funplanet Villeneuve
  2. Minigolf de Funplanet Bulle
  3. Minigolf de Payerneland
  4. Rollersgolf de Genève

ℹ️ Check all the details on the minigolf of Western Switzerland.

🕸️ Caves

Four caves allow you to discover the geological subsoil of the French-speaking part of Switzerland dug by the action of water. As with mines and military forts, the temperature in caves is around 8 to 10 degrees Celsius.

  1. Underground Lake of Saint-Léonard
  2. Underground Mills of Col-des-Roches
  3. Caves of Vallorbe
  4. Fairy’s Cave of Saint-Maurice

The underground lake of Saint-Léonard.
The underground lake of Saint-Léonard.

ℹ️ More information on the cavities of French-speaking Switzerland.

⛏️ Mines

Two mines in French-speaking Switzerland are open to visitors and are really worth a visit. As these are guided tours, it is useful to consult the schedules on the site of the mines concerned.

  • Bex Salt Mines
  • Travers Asphalt Mines

The Earth Sciences Museum in Martigny offers a very interesting reconstruction of a mine in its basement.

The visit path in the Bex Salt Mines.
The visit path in the Bex Salt Mines.

Wagons in the Travers Asphalt Mines.
Wagons in the Travers Asphalt Mines.

ℹ️ More information on the mines in French-speaking Switzerland.

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