⛰️ The Most Beautiful Gorges of French-Speaking Switzerland

The 15 most beautiful gorges of French-speaking Switzerland!

The Torpille team references the 15 most beautiful gorges in French-speaking Switzerland. These gorges can take between 1 to 2 hours to walk but remain quite accessible to everyone. It is the opportunity for a family walk with magnificent landscapes and footbridges overlooking the void. It should be noted that the gorges listed by the Torpille team are those that can be visited using a tourist walkway. Some gorges are particularly impressive but not easily accessible, such as the Ricard gorges under the Niouc suspension bridge or the Salentze gorges under the Farinet footbridge.

The Ricard gorges from the Niouc bridge and the Salentze gorges from the Farinet footbridge.
The Ricard gorges from the Niouc bridge the Salentze gorges from the Farinet footbridge.
The gorges of French-speaking Switzerland are classified below by geographical region.

Gorges in the Alps

The Alps gorges are mainly located in the Trient valley, roughly west of Martigny. The Durnand gorges are particularly impressive with the gorges rising entirely on footbridges.

The Durnand gorges.
The Durnand gorges.

The Dailley and Triège gorges are similar to those of Durnand with a steep climb in the bed of the gorges and a descent into the forest.

The gorges of Dailley and Triège.
The gorges of Dailley The gorges of Triège

The Trient Gorges are completely on flat footbridges at the bottom of the river bed with a very impressive cliff height.

The Trient gorges.
The Trient gorges

The Mysterious gorges, reachable after a steep descent, allow you to go to the bottom of the river bed to enjoy pretty waterfalls between large boulders. All the paths in the gorges above are very old since they date back to the end of the 19th century.

The Mysterious gorges.
The Mysterious gorges.
The Vièze gorges are certainly not very impressive and very short but have several advantages that the other gorges do not have, such as didactic panels all along the route, the passage through a suspension bridge crossing the gorges and the very short distance that separates them from the city of Saint-Maurice. The Défago arcade is located upstream of the Vièze gorges in the Val d’Illiez and consists of an impressive path carved into the rock face opposite the village of Champéry.

The Vièze gorges and the Défago arcade.
The Vièze gorges the Défago arcade
The Borgne Gorges, which forms the bottom of the Val d’Hérens, are particularly deep, although the path is still far from the impressive rocky walls. However, they do offer visits to two unusual sights. The natural pyramids of Euseigne and the water springs of Combioula.

The Borgne gorges.
The Borgne gorges

Gorges in the Jura

The gorges of the Jura are located in the canton of Vaud and Neuchâtel and are dug by rivers in the limestone. It should be noted that the Torpille team does not visit any attractions in the canton of Jura and the French-speaking part of the canton of Berne, the Bernese Jura. However, these 2 regions have pretty gorges such as the Perrefitte, Douanne or Court gorges for the Bernese Jura and the Pichoud gorges for the canton of Jura.

Concerning the referenced gorges, the courses of the Areuse and Nozon gorges do not loop and follow the riverbed in shallow gorges.

Les gorges de l’Areuse et du Nozon.
Les gorges de l'Areuse - pont de brot gorges du nozon

Like the two previous ones, the Covatannaz gorges are linear and connect 2 train stations, so you can take the train to go up and down on foot. On the other hand, these last gorges are particularly deep but the path remains set back from the gorges for the majority of the route.

The Covatannaz gorges.
The Covatannaz gorges

The Poëta-Raisse gorges are the furthest from a car park with a walking time of about 1 hour and the longest walking time with the Areuse gorges. Their route is the least safe but remains one the most beautiful walks of all the gorges.

The Poëta-Raisse gorges.
The Poëta-Raisse gorges

Gorges in the Pré-Alpes

The gorges in this section correspond to the cantons of Fribourg and Vaud and include the Chauderon gorges above Montreux, those of Jogne near Bulle and the Gottéron gorges in Fribourg. These three gorges can be made in the form of a loop with many curiosities to discover.

The Chauderon and Jogne gorges.
The Chauderon gorges. The jogne gorges.

Gorges of French-speaking Switzerland comparative table

The table below provides a comparison of the different gorges, of course all visited by the Torpille team, with an evaluation. The “gorges ranking” indicates the beauty of the gorges themselves seen from the path and the “route ranking” gives an appreciation of the route and its associated curiosities. The canton of Geneva is the only one in French-speaking Switzerland that does not have a gorge.

 AreuseBorgneChauderonCovatannazDailleyDurnandDéfago ArcadeGottéronJogneMysteriousNozonPoëta-RaisseSeyonTine de ConflensTrientTriègeVièze
Picturegorges de l'areusegorges du chauderongorges de covatannazgorges du dailleygorges du durnandgorges de la Jognegorges mystérieusesgorges du nozongorges de la poeta-raisseTine de Conflensgorges du TrientGorges du TriègeGorges de la Vièze
Gorges ranking⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Path Ranking⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cantonpetit drapeau du canton de neuchâtel Neuchâtelpetit drapeau du canton du valais Valaispetit drapeau du canton de vaud Vaudpetit drapeau du canton de neuchâtel Vaudpetit drapeau du canton du valais Valaispetit drapeau du canton du valais Valaispetit drapeau du canton du valais Valaispetit drapeau du canton du valais Fribourgpetit drapeau du canton de fribourg Fribourgpetit drapeau du canton du valais Valaispetit drapeau du canton de vaud Vaudpetit drapeau du canton de neuchâtel Neuchâtelpetit drapeau du canton de neuchâtel Neuchâtelpetit drapeau du canton de vaud Vaudpetit drapeau du canton du valais Valaispetit drapeau du canton du valais Valaispetit drapeau du canton du valais Valais
Short descriptionDescent from the Noiraigue to the Boudry train station.Descent from the pyramids of Euseigne to Bramois.Ascent by the gorges path, passage to Glion and back down to Planche.Descent from Sainte-Croix station to Vuiteboeuf station.Forest road then climbing the gorges. Back down into the forest.Ascent of the gorges along footbridges, descending into a pine forest.Ascent through the gallery and down a road through the vallon des rives.Ascent from the gorges to the Montsalvens dam and back through the ruins of the Montsalvens castle.Descent into the forest to the footbridges of the gorges. Back through the forest.Descent from Croy station to La Sarraz station.Ascent from the car park to the gorges then back down through Le Breuil and the Château de Motiers.Descent from Valangin Castle to the mills of the Gor du VauseyonDescent from Parking and up the same path.Go and return on the footbridges at the bottom of the gorges.Climb along the gorges, descend into the forest and the village of Trétien.Departure from the Old Bridge, ascent of the gorges by the side of the power plant and descent by the other side.
Particularities on the route→Old stone bridge.
→Power Plants. électriques.
→Nouveau pont
→Château de Boudry et musée du vin.
→Pyramids of Euseigne
→Cambioula Hot Springs
→Power plant
→Pillars of the highway bridge
→View of Lake Geneva at Glion
→Territet-Glion Funi and the Rochers train from Naye to Glion.
→Telegraph path (1000 steps)
→View of Lake Neuchâtel.
→High rock faces.
→Church of Vuiteboeuf.
→View on the Rhone Valley.
→600 steps.
→Giant's kettle and 14 waterfalls.
→330 steps.
→Accrobranche du Dahu→Puppet Museum
→Old Town of Fribourg
→Lorette Chapel
→Montsalvens dam.
→Ruins of Montsalvens castle.
→Nymph Temples
→View point on Finhaut.
→Dard Waterfall.
→Cliff of St-Loup.
→Etang du milieu du monde.
→Castle of La Sarraz
→Musée du cheval.
→Môtiers waterfall
→Môtiers castle
→Castle and church of Valangin.
→Mills of the Gor du Vauseyon.
→Veyron watrfall
→Venoge waterfall
→Gueuroz Bridge.
→The route is only on footbridges at the bottom of the river.
→100m of rock face height.
→Old stone bridge.
→CFF water intake.
→Trétien village
→Old Bridge
→Power plant
→Suspended footbridge
Are the gorges secure?✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️petit vu vert pour dire ouipetit vu vert pour dire ouipetit vu vert pour dire oui
StartNoiraigue station.
(Arrival at Boudry station)
Pyramids of EuseigneRochers de Naye train bridge in Planches.Sainte-Croix station.
(Arrival at Vuiteboeuf station)
Village of Granges (Salvan)Durnand gorges restaurant, Bovernier.Parking at garage Rey-Bellet ChamperyCar park downtownParking of the Jogne gorges, Broc.Tête-Noire (Trient).Croy Station
(Arrival at La Sarraz station).
Gorges parking.Church of ValanginFerreyres car parkFlower shop "Floral Design" in Vernayaz, before the gorges.Road bridge over the Triège, Le Trétien (Salvan)Old wooden bridge.
Departure altitude750
(Arrivée 450)
(Arrivée 503)
(Arrivée 589)
(Arrivée 483)
Possible loop✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Min Time180160120
9012060105150 ?150

Free of charge?✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Distance km11.
Time by train or bus to reach the start point25
1 train / hour
~ 1 bus / hour
1 train / hour
petit vu vert pour dire oui10
1 train / hour
4 (Bus)
2 bus / hour
petit vu vert pour dire oui
Positive altitude difference0025604101503100190
RiverAreuseBorgneBaye de MontreuxArnonSalanfeDurnandVièzeGottéronJogneTrientNozonRuisseau du BreuilSeyonVenoge
Access by public transportNeuchâtel-Buttes train
Noiraigue stop
Sion-Les Haudères postal bus
Pyramides stopD'Euseigne
Rochers de Naye train
Planches stop
Yverdon-Sainte-Croix train
Sainte-Croix stop
Mont-Blanc Express train
Salvan stop
Martigny-Le Châble train
Bovernier stop
Monthey-Champery train
Champery stop
"Eglise Saint-Jean" stop
Bulle-Broc train
Broc stop
Tête-Noire stop
Vallorbe train
Croy stop
Neuchâtel-Buttes train
Môtiers stop
Neuchâtel-Villiers bus
Valangin stop
Ferreyres, La Tine stop
Mont-Blanc Express or
CFF train
Vernayaz stop
Mont-Blanc Express train
Le Trétien stop
CFF Saint-Maurice train
Creation of courses1874-1880End of 19th century.
Restoration: 1990s
1877 (Restored 1987)1864early 20th century, restored in 19931884187118701870, restored in 2014
Have a drink on the courseRestaurant La Truitepetite croix rouge pour dire nonBuffet de la gare Glionpetite croix rouge pour dire non Auberge du Vallon de Vanpetite croix rouge pour dire nonCantine des RivesPinte des 3 canardsBuvette d'alpage Chez Boudjipetite croix rouge pour dire nonpetite croix rouge pour dire nonpetite croix rouge pour dire nonpetite croix rouge pour dire nonpetite croix rouge pour dire nonpetite croix rouge pour dire nonpetite croix rouge pour dire non
Point of view from the routeVal d'HérensBassin lémaniqueplateau and Alpes from farRhône Valley towards MartignyChampéry,Val d'Illiez, LeysinOld town and cathedralGruyère region and castle, MolésonFinhaut and Trient valleyVal-de-TraversTrient valley

Which are the most beautiful gorges in French-speaking Switzerland?

Among all the gorges in French-speaking Switzerland, some stand out from the rest: